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Drache Krieger Presents:
The Great Love and Peace Disaster

Note: These are screen shots taken from a game called "Love and Peace" on Monday, September 29th. Right after the MK server went crazy.

Please note: Mister57, Rider, Co0lmAn, and I (Crimson Falcon) are still alive, and that IceKill is dead.

Look at this screen shot, see anything wrong? Give up? Well.. many things are wrong... Mister57, Rider, Co0lmAn, and I all have 0 cities and 0 units, and for some reason IceKill has a rather nice empire going considering he died.

A closer look at 1 of IceKill's bases.

This is Metman1's only base...

Notice how Riot[NRRD] has 2 cities and 250510 population, quite a lot of people per city!

Dontcha just love how those gold mines spring out of no where?

This is where I was...

Now how exactly did those boats get there??

That alpha warrior wont be moving for a while...